Be it for knowledge, competence, skills & experience…

Since my early days I have heard that hiring the person with the needed skills set, competence knowledge and experience is a daunting challenge. We all face similar challenges even today.

Let me give you a few instances, there are employers who are looking for documentation profile in sea freight where the person is doing a complete job from booking the container to issuing the pre alert, in some cases even invoicing. Another example, an accounts person with 7-8 years of experience, handles upto finalisation, taxation, assist in audit, follows accounting principle. One more, A key Account profile which involves customers service for sea exports in freight forwarding, he she should be not more than 35 years of age, handled documentation, customer service and operations with a variety of cargo like dry boxes, haz, reefer, odc with a minimum of 50 shipments and 150 containers. If you notice these are specific profiles, specific to each company.

It is a difficult requirement even for the employer to get one for himself. I am sure many of the employers there can relate to the above cases. Most employers will receive applications with a few of the combinations but not all. The reason is as the company has created a job description unique to its requirement. Every company does that and it is right. So how do we resolve the problem and that too in quick time. With the above challenges that we are familiar with, we understand the client requirement in detail, create/seek a JD.

We then look into our Live database which is maintained on the bases of different profiling, mapping of customers and their competitors. Further empanelled experts interview these candidates and submit a report on the candidates capabilities, knowledge, skills, expertise, software familiarity etc. In addition HR at our end interview the person based on the other criteria’s – competence & traits. This ensures we send the right combination specific to every employer in quick time.