This is a common problem faced by every company irrespective of the its industry. Finding the right person is like a finding a needle in a haystack which consumes time, energy, money and other resources which directly impacts the company with monetary loss, vacant position for some time, loss of productivity for that position.

I am sure you are facing or have faced this the same sometime or the other or facing one. This situation arises due to 2 reasons one is where you are looking for a replacement & the other is where you create a position and finding one who fits that position. The latter can be looked as a planned one where the employer has more time to find one. The Initial one is a challenge until you approach this in a multipronged approach and you do wish to go through this situation again.

Firstly create a data base of candidates who attend the interviews who were close to the right choice or who didn’t take up the offer then due to certain other factors. This database needs to be accessible and accurate.

Secondly identify which are the departments and positions where frequent hiring is required. Acquire suitable leads in advance/ conduct interviews with probable’s who can be hired in case of immediate vacancy.

Thirdly maintain a database of competitor and its employees as they may have similar work profiles and processes.

Fourth. Keep a track of new competitor entering the trade which may throw larger packages to poach your employees. Though there isn’t a full proof system to block the poaching but a better employee engagement program with a sound work profile mixed with conducive environment should reduce the effect of poaching.

Fifth, last but not the least, a smart & trustworthy consultant/ recruiter who is from the trade, capable of addressing your concerns in quick time with an active database of professionals, Identify the right person, market your company, negotiate on your behalf, ensure backup in the case of a drop out.

The first four solutions are taken care by the HR department of a company. In the absence of such a profile at the employers end, here we as a professional recruiting company fill the boots and can help provide the right person in the fastest possible time by maintaining a live database, mapped with companies and their competitors in terms of profiles & locations.

This reduces the time in acquiring at the companies end thereby reducing the hassles and monetary loss.