Human Resource Managers and the technical Managers who spend their import productive time of the day taking interviews are regularly facing the issue of interviewing incompetent candidates. The challenge is that the resumes of these incompetent candidates are made by some professional resume writer or it has been copy pasted where by there is a grave mismatch in the credentials mentioned in the persons capabilities and in actual appearing at the time of interview.

There have been some cases where the telephone interview was conducted by some imposter basis which the job was given to someone less deserving. We all have come across flowery and well made resumes. The technical or the Human resource manager based on the Job description and the candidates resume call for the interview where the post a brief interview the claims made in the resume are found far from reality. Thereby causing wastage of time and loss of productivity in the core activity.This is where we felt the need that the resumes need to be vetted, evaluated by an agency before it reaches the employer.

Here we as professional recruiting company vet every resume from two angles, One technically and the other is the Human resource round. In the first case the empanelled experts from the trade based on the job description and the company background evaluate the resumes by taking interviews where the create a report of what the candidate is capable off. While in the Human resource round we evaluate the competency, skills, traits along with other parameters. This ensures that filtered and evaluated resumes reach the hiring manager and he/she doesn’t need to waste their time and productivity.