15 Steps to a Compelling Resume

Employers do not have time to go through long repetitive resumes. They expect it to be crisp & concise.In addition many do not receiving a response to their LinkedIn & naukri applications, Do you know the reason. You need to look at your resume first.I am Sharing the finer points here as to how resumes […]

Unable to get the right combination?

Be it for knowledge, competence, skills & experience... Since my early days I have heard that hiring the person with the needed skills set, competence knowledge and experience is a daunting challenge. We all face similar challenges even today. Let me give you a few instances, there are employers who are looking for documentation profile [...]

Candidates backing out / not joining?

Candidates taking an offer and not showing up is an age-old issue. This has become even more rampant post covid-19, once the market opened there was a flood of hiring in most sectors which created a very high number of vacancies compared to the candidates available in the market. This unprecedented high demand to low [...]

Problem of finding the candidate within budget

This is problem every employer runs into most of the time, unless you are a brand where people are queuing up but even they have their share of problems where the candidates they want to higher ask a premium. Coming back to problem most of us specially in India look for the best candidate with [...]

Are you unable to find the right candidate?

This is a common problem faced by every company irrespective of the its industry. Finding the right person is like a finding a needle in a haystack which consumes time, energy, money and other resources which directly impacts the company with monetary loss, vacant position for some time, loss of productivity for that position. I [...]